The Republican foreign trade turnover in January-June 2019 amounted to USD 19.7 billion or 129.8% over the same period of 2018, including the total exports amounted to USD 8.4 billion (127% to the same period of 2018), imports – USD 11.2 billion (132%). The balance is negative (USD 2.8 billion).

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The main commodity items in the export of the Republic for January-June of this year are:

 – energy products and petroleum derivatives – USD 1,417.2 million or 16.8% from total exports;

– food products – USD 793.7 million or 9.4%;

– textiles and textile products – USD 771.5 million or 9.2%;

– primary metals – USD 632.8 million or 7.5%;

– chemical products and articles thereof – USD 456.7 million or 5.4%;

– vehicles and equipment – USD 194.4 million or 2.3%;

– services – USD 1.6 4 million or 18.5%;

– others – USD 2.6 4 million or 30.9%.

 At the same time, the reporting period provided an increase of the physical exports of copper wire rod – by 2.2 times, calcined soda 173%, cotton yarn - 157%, ammophos - 150%, cotton fabrics - 139%, molybdenum metal - 136%, raw zinc - 126%, cathode copper - 122%, low density ammonium nitrate - 122%, food wheat - 122%, polyethylene - 110%, urea - 110%, natural uranium - 108% and potash fertilizers - 104%.

During the reporting period, the export forecast for the 1st half of this year was provided for USD 6.3 billion or 108% of the forecast and increased by 24.7% to the same period of 2018 (USD 5.1 billion).

The Ministry systematically involves new enterprises in exports, organizes export of new products, expands the export geography of domestic products, including constant monitoring of the enterprises of the Republic for the search of new foreign markets for domestic goods, as well as promoting export of products of industrial enterprises, small and private entrepreneurship.

So, for example, in January-June of this year 1,779 new enterprises were involved in exports, including 609 industry enterprises (USD 191.5 million dollars) and 1,170 local enterprises (USD 414 million). They exported products for USD 605 million.

74 new types of goods were exported and amounted to USD 168 million, including 37 new types of industry (USD 166 million) and 37 for local enterprises (USD 1.9 million). At the same time, the shipments of domestic products were expanded to 81 new markets as of January-June of this year. Expansion of export was achieved due to export of calcined soda to Pakistan, aluminum slags to Afghanistan, bamboo yarn to the USA, France, Israel, margarine to Turkmenistan, grape juice to Russia, processed fruit and vegetables to Austria, medicines to Tajikistan, shoes to Iraq, wool to Belarus, agricultural products to Macedonia, by-products to Hong Kong, consumer goods to Switzerland, cellulose to Thailand, etc.

The enterprises of the Republic, including private industry, participated in 39 international exhibitions and fairs abroad. During them export contracts were signed for the supply of textile, pharmaceutical, fruit and vegetable and food products for a total amount of USD 77 million.

In January-June of the current year, the foreign trade turnover of the republic made 19 billion 683 million USD and showed 29.8% growth compared with the same rate of the previous year. 

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During the reporting period, total imports made 11 billion 246 million USD, which is 2 billion 726 million USD or 32% more than the rates of the previous year. Foreign trade turnover shortfalls made 2 billion 808 million USD.

Structure of the republican imports. 90% or 10 billion 158 million USD of imports is accounted for the import of products (36% growth), 10% or 1 billion 88 million USD - for the import of services (5.8% growth). 

High growth of imports can be explained by the imports of products delivered to increase production capacities for the purpose of large-scale modernization of the industrial sector.

Particularly, a large part of products imported into the republic included the equipment and vehicles and made 4 billion 432 million USD (+45%), including industrial products – 1 billion 902 million USD (+26%), chemical products – 1 billion 272 million USD (+32%), food and animal products – 768 million USD (+11%), other finished products – 646 million USD (+2.5 times), nonfood raw materials – 510 million USD (+25.4%), mineral fuel and grease – 437 million USD (decreased by 12.0%), vegan and different oil products – 144.4 million USD (+33%), drinks and tobacco – 21 million USD (increased by 2.0 times) and other products - made 25 million USD.      


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