Uzbek-Ukrainian Business Forum in Kiev

Uzbek-Ukrainian Business Forum was held in Kiev from February 20 to 22 of this year, during which the delegation of Uzbekistan headed by top managers of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade met with Minister of Development, Economics, Trade and Agriculture T. Milovanov, head of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs A. Kinakh, chairman of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry G. Chizhikov, as well as representatives of Ukrainian business.

During this event parties could discuss the current status of bilateral economic cooperation and the ways to enhance this cooperation by developing promising joint investment projects and mutually beneficial trade agreements.

From this perspective, parties reached the agreements in the field of entrepreneurs’ support, customs and tariff regulation, veterinary and sanitary requirements and plant quarantine.

During the visit, participants discussed the upcoming meeting of the Uzbek-Ukrainian Intergovernmental Commission in Tashkent scheduled for the spring of this year, laid down the bilateral cooperation guidelines to be included to the agenda of the upcoming event.

 Also, the Ukranian Ministry of Infrastructure hosted negotiations on re-establishment of   Tashkent-Kiev-Tashkent flights and Tashkent-Kharkov-Tashkent railway service.

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