The review of the potential of investment and industrial development in Tashkent region

On January 4 this year, the Republican Working Group for Social and Economic Development started its activity in Tashkent region as coordinated by the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade.

The Working Group ­includes the heads of ministries, departments, industry associations, commercial banks, and local authorities, whose task is to comprehensively review the current state of enterprises in all cities and districts of the region through their visiting and direct work with entrepreneurs, as well as the development of measures to expand investment and production activities.

With this in mind, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan S. Umurzakov involved khokims of districts and cities of the region, as well as their deputies on investment and foreign trade in a meeting, which outlined the priority business profile of the Working Group, principles of operation and interagency interaction, as well as provided targeted instructions to the heads of individual ministries and departments.

The attendees disclosed the need to fully use the existing investment and industrial potential of the region with a focus on the expansion of existing production capacities and construction of new highly profitable industrial enterprises that provide for deep processing of raw materials and the production of products with high-added value.

A particular emphasis touched upon the review of enterprises that reduced actual output or ceased operations due to the pandemic and related restrictions with a view to the analysis of reasons for the decline in actual output and development of certain restoring measures.

The attendees also mentioned significant opportunities for new projects through the rational use of uninhabited lands, buildings, and structures. ­­Executive officers received targeted instructions to use each facility while specifying the initiators of the projects, sources of funding, and time frames.

The meeting resulted in additional instructions related to the high-quality and timely implementation of the tasks assigned to the Working Group, which will continue its activities over the next week.

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