Review of cotton-picking situation in Syrdarya region


On October 24 this year, a Working Group headed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan S. Umurzakov traveled to Syrdarya region to get acquainted with the progress in cotton picking by farms and clusters, identify pressing concerns and develop measures to address them.

It is noted that the quality of cotton as a raw material for the textile industry, which is one of the drivers of the economy and has significant growth potential also significantly affects the development of a number of interrelated industries. With this in mind, the members of the Group noted the significance of an accelerated transition to the modern methods of cotton growing, including laser design, water-saving technologies, and innovative approaches to agricultural activities.

Separately, they reviewed the operation of clusters involving foreign investors.

They considered practical aspects of the activity of cotton clusters and farms operating in the region. The members of the Group reviewed the progress in the program of cotton-picking mechanization improvement in Syrdarya region. They provided instructions to accelerate its implementation and promptly resolve the existing pressing concerns here.

From this perspective, they also noted the urgency of the accelerated and widespread implementation of modern international standards in cotton production providing for high quality of raw materials subject to the compliance with technological and labor standards by farms and cotton clusters, which in turn will create opportunities for the further development of export potential through cooperation with foreign brands.

Particular attention was paid to the measures preventing forced labor during the harvest, and ensuring decent working and living conditions for pickers. Therewith, the members of the Group emphasized the need for strict compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological safety during a pandemic.

According to the results of the work in the region, the executive officers of relevant ministries and local authorities received instructions and practical recommendations to ensure high-quality and timely cotton picking.

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