A workshop took place at the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade

On August 16 this year, a workshop with the participation of deputy ministers and heads of the structural departments of the Ministry was held under the supervision of Mr. S. Umurzakov, the Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade.

The agenda dealt with the development of comprehensive mechanisms intended to solve all related operational tasks in promotion and implementation of investments, increase of exports, localization of technological production and reduction of import dependency in priority sectors.

Particular attention was paid to the mechanisms of preparation for intergovernmental events devoted to economic cooperation. This included a more in-depth analysis of the bilateral relations and the development of consistent strategies for cooperation with each country in the near, medium and long term.

It was noted that a database of specific promising investment proposals for potential foreign partners could become an effective solution in this field. The Ministry’s special-purpose agencies and international experts will develop such proposals and consultants will be involved for this purpose as well.

Project proposals must necessarily take into account the investment requirements of the region and be focused on the growth of export capacity for higher value-added products. This will ensure a close interaction of the investment and the export strategy in each region of the country and will help to get the highest macroeconomic efficiency from the invested capital.

Also, during the meeting the further activities of the Republican Working Commission have been discussed:targeted meetings with entrepreneurs and public sessions are planned in the second and third stages to discuss and solve existing problems of exporters.

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